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LINK is an Export Management Company specialized in European food brands export sales.

We focus on the Middle Eastern & North African markets distribution for over 20 years.

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mission in brief

LINK’s mission is to facilitate European food manufacturers export sales to MENA importers. To achieve its mission, LINK operates as a MENA export sales agent or exclusive distributor for non-competing manufacturers. Exporting with LINK offers manufacturers competitive advantages over exporting in direct. This includes instant distribution through LINK’s MENA importers network, access to LINK’s export expertise and MENA markets experience. Thus limiting manufacturers export sales costs and the time required to start generating export sales revenues. LINK adds value to the process by managing export compliance, handling overseas shipping and designing sales and marketing strategies.

Export Compliance

Foreign Law

Arabic Labeling

Product Registration

Overseas Shipping

Cargo Optimization

Shipments Coordination

Export Documents

Sales & Marketing

Pricing Strategy

Brand Activation

Sales Monitoring



LINK has a long established distribution network across the MENA region. Principals start generating export sales revenue faster than if they were to build their own distribution network from the ground up. All while saving on the associated investments.



LINK has a 20 years export expertise of European food brands in the region. Answering importers inquiries, dealing with foreign authorities claims, handling the shipping process, collecting payments is part of our daily activities since the begining.



LINK is focused on the Middle Eastern & North African Markets distribution. Our understanding of each country’s unique profile, consumer’s preferences and spending power is the driver of our successful marketing and pricing strategies.



LINK’s earnings are exclusively conditioned by export sales performances. We either operate as MENA export sales agent or as exclusive distributor. Therefore, our drive to generate export sales revenue is very strong while manufacturers export costs of sales are limited.